Princess Harry
Kind of a jumbled mess of One Direction, Teen Wolf, Sherlock, 5SOS, and any other fandom you can think of.

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Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.
- Arthur C. Clarke, How Science Will Revolutionize the Twenty-First Century (1999)  (via aggressiveharrys)

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zayn’s little happy dance when he got the answer right though


if i were a caterpillar i would probably emerge from my cocoon as another slightly fatter caterpillar

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top three Lee Pace characters | #2: Roy Walker/The Red Bandit (The Fall)

All right, close your eyes. What do you see? Nothing. Rub them… Can you see the stars?
        - (The Fall, 2006)

@Greghoran87: Girls there you go guess who

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"It's a romantic song for all those candlelit dinners"

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my biggest fear is someone asking me out as a joke like i have literally had this thought at the back of my mind since like 2nd grade and i am terrified

be afraid of something like geese those fuckers have teeth


it looks like niall fucking sneezed and turned into david beckham